Learn english LEARN CANADIAN ENGLISH: Canadian Pronunciation, Canadian Communication Style, Most Important Grammar in Canada, Body Language, How to Improve Your Listening, How to Write Emails to Your Co-workers and Manager, Speaking Politely, How to Learn Fast Like Children and More!




Job. FIND A JOB & KEEP YOUR JOB: Important Work Skills in Canada, How to Talk to your Manager and Co-workers, How to Be a Good Manager in Canada, How to Speak to Customers and Clients, and More!




Dollarphotoclub_76285868 YOUR FAMILY & HEALTH IN CANADA: 5 Stages of Culture Shock, Staying Healthy in Winter, Talking to your Doctor, Parenting in Canada, Canadian Schools and Education System, Communicating across Generations, Bi-cultural Children, and More!




Canadian passport on the map of Canada CANADIAN CULTURE & CITIZENSHIP TEST PREPARATION: Understanding Canadian Culture, Preparing for Citizenship Test (Discover Canada’s History, Geography, Political System and more), Canadian Holidays, Money and Banking, Multiculturalism, and More!





Are you looking for a job in Canada?

Do you know Canadian Workplace culture?

To successfully pass a job interview in Canada you need to know Canadian workplace culture. To keep your job (not to lose it), you also need to know Canadian workplace culture.

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Canadian Culture Tests and Quizzes

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New country – new rules

Successful immigrants understand that they need to adapt. Adapt means change. Canada is a different country. If you want to be successful here, you will need to play ‘Canadian game’. And for that, you need to learn the rules of this new game.

Some things you don’t need to change. You can eat any food you like, you can sing any songs you like and you can celebrate any holidays you like. But when looking for a job, meeting new people or looking to start a business, you need to know Canadian culture.

Canada is a highly individualistic, egalitarian country, where being able to communicate very politely, yet assertively, is really valued.  Most immigrants come from collective, highly hierarchical countries, and it often takes them a long time  to learn to play the ‘Canadian communication game’ and become successful.

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Feeling sad, lonely and homesick?

Almost every immigrant goes through a stage after their arrival to a new country when they feel really sad. Your feelings are normal.

You are going through the 2nd stage of Culture shock. Be patient, give yourself time, take smart actions and you will feel better in the future.

What can you do to feel better? Click on the link below to find out.

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