The most important type of email you need to know how to write in Canada is a Request Email. This is an email where you are asking for something.
You could be writing this email to your manager, supervisor, co-worker, or any other person who is your new or existing work/business contact.

These are 3 key phrases that will help you to write a polite email:

– I would like to…

– I was wondering if it would be possible to…

– Could you please…


Cultural note: In Canada, your request should be written in the beginning of the email, NOT at the end of it.

Here are the 5 parts of an email:

Subject:__________ (short and to the point – it should say what you want)

Greeting:_________(If you know the person: Hi Anna,  or, if you don’t know the person: Dear Anna, )

Body:____________(one or two short paragraphs – don’t write long emails, people are too busy to read long emails)

Closing:_________ (Sincerely, Kind Regards, Best Regards, )

Sign:____________(First name and Last Name)


Look at the example below:


Subject: Would like to change to morning shift

Hi Anna,

I would like to change my schedule to morning shifts. I am currently working an evening shift (4pm to 12am) but unfortunately my personal circumstances have changed and this schedule is increasingly difficult for me to maintain. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to switch to a morning shift. Could you please let me know if there are any positions currently available or perhaps if any employee would like to switch with me?

I really appreciate your help in this matter.

Kind Regards,


Maria Kelones



– Commas after the greeting and the closing

– No full stop after your name

Also, note the amount of ‘what space’ – make your email easy to read by spacing your lines properly (your emails should look ‘white’)


Final Tip:

Before you write any type of email, the best thing to do is to search a sample of it in Google.