How to write an essay in Canada

This page will give you some advice on how to successfully write a TOEFL type of essay for college.

Writing an essay in English may be different from writing an essay in your first language. There are two main differences: structure and culture (opinions).

Your essay must be organized according to a rigid principle. Most essays will ask you for your opinions and will need you to argue it.

The Structure

Let’s say your essay is about ‘X’. Your chosen opinion is that ‘X’ is good/you like it. The typical structure would look like this:



I like ‘X’ because ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’.

Paragraph 1:

‘X’ is good because ‘A’, for example….

Paragraph 2:

‘X’ is good because ‘B’, for example…

Paragraph 3:

‘X’ is good because ‘C’, for example…


I like ‘X’ because of ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’.


In many languages, when you write, you are allowed much more freedom, while in English you need to be able to express yourself within a predetermined structure.

You must learn how to use transition words (words like ‘however’, ‘moreover’, etc.). Without the correct use of transition words your essay will not be successful.