A totem wood pole in mountain background


Let’s look carefully at the word ‘aboriginal’. Ab – original. What does ‘original’ mean? It means ‘first’, right? So, aboriginal people were first people in Canada – British and French came later.

Now, let’s notice another interesting thing: it’s not ‘people’, it’s ‘peopleS’. Why? Because there are many different groups of them.

30 000 years ago the first people, whom we now call ‘First Nations’, came to Canada to hunt, farm and fish.

5 000 years ago another group joined them – we now call them ‘Inuit’ – also to hunt and fish. They chose to settle in the North of Canada, so we call them people of the North.

1 000 ago another group came – the Vikings from Iceland – but for some reason these guys didn’t stay. We know they were here – we found the remains of their houses in Newfoundland.

About 500 years ago (in 1497) a man everyone knows by the name John Cabot (actually his name was Giovanni Caboto – he was an Italian immigrant) came on a ship from England also to Newfoundland, just like the Vikings. He looked down from his ship into the water and saw… fish!!! A lot of fish! So every summer after that he and others from England would come fishing here but in winter they would return back to England.

About 400 years ago … to be continued