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Reading Skills

Reading skills has three main aspects to it:

1. vocabulary (meaning, spelling)
2. speed of understanding (includes skimming and scanning skills)
3. cultural knowledge
English is a special language: writing and speaking don’t match. For example:
‘bear’ and ‘bare’ (same speaking but different writing)
‘bear’ and ‘hear’ (similar writing but different speaking)
 Because of this:
– some students may be bad at reading/writing but good at speaking/listening
– other students may be good at reading/writing but bad at speaking/listening
In English, when learning a new word, you need to know: a) its meaning, b) its spelling and c) its sound.
So, step 1 in improving your reading skills is to remember to ALWAYS learn a), b) and c) together.
New Word –> meaning –> spelling –> sound
 Step 2 would be to learn skimming and scanning skills.