Some people study English grammar for many years – 5, 10 or 20 years. They can do all the grammar tests easily and without mistakes. But when they start SPEAKING, they forget all the grammar! They cannot speak using correct English sentences. Their English is ‘broken English’.

How can you learn English grammar and USE IT IN SPEAKING correctly?

The answer is simple: you learn it in speaking. Don’t memorize grammar rules. You need to memorize English sentences. You need to listen carefully and repeat the correct sentence many times to remember it. Click here to learn more about the best ways of studying grammar.


What grammar is the most important to learn for life in Canada?

Most Canadians are very polite. When you are talking and asking politely, people usually agree to help you and you get a better result.

“Give me a copy” is not polite – people might get angry at you.

“Could you give me a copy?” is much nicer and people will usually give you what you want.

Could‘ is a modal verb. You need to learn how to use modal verbs to be successful in Canada. Modal verbs are the most important grammar to learn. Click here to learn more about modal verbs and situations when they need to be used.


To understand Canadian English speakers, you need to learn local idioms and phrasal verbs. English is a very idiomatic language and native speakers love using these ‘special expressions’, for example in these short conversations:

Person A: Can I take a look?

Person B: Go ahead.

‘go ahead’ is an idiom and it means ‘do it’.


Person A: Were you late?

Person B: Yeah, I had to sort out some stuff.

‘sort out’ is a phrasal verb and it means ‘find a solution to a problem’.

Which idioms and phrasal verbs should you learn? Do you learn all of them? If not, how do you choose? Click here to learn more about idioms and phrasal verbs.


Many students say “English is too fast”. That’s not true.  But some words are in fact spoken really fast – grammar words! Grammar words don’t carry much meaning. So English speakers don’t pronounce them clearly. When you hear the sentence “Lady….office….polite” you can understand that “The lady at the office was polite.” To learn more about what happens to grammar words in speaking and listening, click here. You will also learn how to listen and understand English speakers by focusing on key words.


Children learn English much faster than adults. How do they do it? There are several differences in HOW children and adults learn English. Children are surrounded by English and they make positive associations with it. They are positive, curious and active while learning. Read more about it here and you too will be able to learn much faster!