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8  Necessary Steps to Finding your Dream Job in Canada

Steps to finding a job in Canada:

1 Realize that your career is your responsibility.

Canada is an individualistic country and ‘rules of the game’ may be different here. There is help available but it’s on YOU to find your job. Take massive action: you need to apply all the steps 2 – 7 in order to be successful in your job search.

2 Find a mentor – somebody who ALREADY has the job you want – and then ask them a lot of questions.

You may be surprised how different the same job can be in different countries. A mentor can give you a lot of information about the duties, responsibilities, work environment and expectations on the job. If you don’t have any offline connections, the best place to look for a mentor is LinkedIn.

3 Get a Canadian style resume(s) and cover letter(s).

Resume doesn’t get you a job – it gets you a job interview. If you are applying to several different jobs, you must learn to change your resume (and your cover letter) to match every job you’re applying.

4 Learn how to network in Canada.

Networking is two things: actions and communication. Both are highly cultural, so learn how to do it ‘Canadian style’.

5 Get Canadian experience.

Start volunteering as soon as you arrive or get a survival job where you will have an opportunity to practice your English. Even if you volunteer just one day a week, you will be acquiring Canadian experience that you can put on your resume.

6 Learn which skills are important and valued in Canadian workplace.

Many immigrants make a mistake of thinking that if ‘hardworking and honest’ are the top skills in their first country, it’s the same in Canada. It is not. Communication and interpersonal skills are at the top of the list here.

7 Develop a strategy for a Job Interview.

Learn how to prepare for a job interview. The goal of an interview is to find out if your skills (your education and your personality) match those required for the job.

8 Avoid common mistakes immigrants make.

Accepting a factory type survival job, not investing time into learning English, assuming that Canadian culture is the same as their first country’s culture are just some of the typical mistakes immigrants make.