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Are you an immigrant? Are you an educator working with immigrants? This website is for you!

If you want to learn English faster and you are already in Canada or planning to immigrate to Canada, you will find a lot of easy-to-understand, useful information that every immigrant needs to know.

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Currently, it takes an immigrant between 5 to 10 years (or more) to adapt to life in Canada. There’s a lot of help available from various government/community agencies, but the process can still be too long and unnecessarily painful. We feel that a lot of this pain can be avoided if the immigrants are better informed about what to expect in Canada before coming here and within their first year.

Our vision is to provide information that will positively affect both the physical and the psychological well-being of the newcomers and their families. Our main focus is on helping new immigrants understand the cultural differences between Canada and their first countries, and the way these differences affect communication in all areas of their lives.

Our goal is to create an ever expanding database of clear and up-to-date information based on experiences of the newcomers themselves and professionals working with newcomers in settlement, education and other sectors.

Everyone’s experience is valuable. Please share your story – it can change someone’s life!