Discover Canada

“Discover Canada” is the name of the book that you need to study if you want to pass the citizenship test. Sometimes on the test they would actually ask you: “What’s the name of the book you used to prepare for the test?” Discover Canada.

If your English level is low (LINC level 3, 4 or 5), you will need to study the book SEVERAL TIMES. Read it again and again and again. Find somebody who can explain the information to you if you don’t understand. It maybe a good idea to take a citizenship preparation class if you have time.

You have to study it and study it – until the information becomes familiar.

You don’t need to memorize the book! On the test, most questions are multiple choice, so you need to RECOGNIZE the right answer. When doing the test, look carefully at all the answer choices and choose the one you recognize as the correct one. There may be also some ‘True or False’ questions, as well as fill in the blanks questions.

People who succeed on the test study the book carefully. Their goal is to UNDERSTAND the information, not to memorize it.

The most difficult part of the book is History. Spend some extra time there.

Read the MARGINS! That is, read what’s written on the sides – there are questions on the test based on that information too.

The common mistake some people make on the test is to read too quickly and choose the answer too fast. DO NOT RUSH! Take your time when reading the questions. Many answers are similar to each other, but only one is correct.

Some questions on the test are SITUATIONS. Those are the most tricky. They test the understanding of the information in the book.

There are currently 20 questions on the test and you need to answer 15 correctly.

After you finish your written test, a person will talk to you in English to check if your listening and speaking are above LINC level 4. The questions they ask are usually simple – about your family and life. This is your speaking test. To pass it successfully, you need to do two things: a) LISTEN carefully and pay attention; b) give LONG answers (not one word – you need to say a sentence or two sentences). That’s it, you passed 🙂


Good luck!