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Canadian winters are cold. Very cold. Really cold 🙂

Have you ever experienced temperatures of -20 C?

The reason why Canadian winters feel so cold is not the temperature – it’s the WIND! Do you know what ‘wind chill’ is? It can be -18 C outside but because of the wind it will feel like -25 C. That ‘feels like’ is the windchill.

Winter  – snow, wind, snowstorm – is not a reason to miss work in Canada. You must check the weather forecast in advance (the day before) and know what weather is coming. If tomorrow is a snowstorm, you must leave your home earlier – traffic will be slow! – and still arrive to work on time that day. Weather in Canada (rain or snow) is NOT an acceptable reason to be late for work! Unless you want to make your manager angry.


The best way of dealing with Canadian winter is to invest in some good winter clothes. Notice I used the word ‘invest’. Yes, good quality winter clothing is an investment – it will cost you money and take time to find it. So, be prepared and put some money aside as your ‘winter clothes budget’ when you are coming to Canada. Do not buy a cheap winter jacket! For adults in the family, you spend money once and you are set for the next 5-7 years. For children who are still growing, it’s going to be a yearly expense.

If you don’t have good winter clothes, the winter will be very painful! It’s better to spend time and money than suffer every day in winter. Avoid that pain!

If you already bought winter clothes but still feeling too cold when going outside, you might be missing something. Read the article “Dress in layers” and use the check list provided to make sure you got all the pieces. You can print it out and take with you shopping.

Suffering every day in winter DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! You should feel warm and comfortable when going outside.

Dressing for winter is not about fashion – it’s about your health. And not just your physical (body) health – it’s your emotional health as well. Do you want to spend the whole winter being sick and feeling miserable? Or do you want to be strong and healthy? It’s your choice. The money you are spending on winter clothes is the money spent on your HEALTH. Don’t torture yourself by wearing spring/fall clothes in winter. Take care of yourself and your family by investing in good quality clothes.

If you are an immigrant, you need to learn how to dress for winter in Canada.



Comprehension questions:

1. What is the actual reason why winter weather feels so cold in December, January and February?

a) temperature    b) wind

2. Buying good winter clothes is…

a) an investment in your health     b) waste of money

3. If you are too cold in winter, it will affect…

a) only your body    b) your body and your mind (your mood)


To learn about how to dress for winter, please visit “How to dress for winter: layers”