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Canadian English

As an immigrant to Canada, you will need to speak and understand Canadian English.

What is Canadian English?


Being able to understand Canadian English means:

  1. You can understand Canadian accent (very similar to American accent, together they are called North American accent)
  2. You can understand idioms and phrasal verbs often used in Canada
  3. You can understand the indirect way of speaking Canadians use to communicate (for example “Would you mind waiting here for a minute?” means “Wait here for a minute.”)
  4. You can correctly interpret Canadian (North American) body language


Being able to speak Canadian English means:

  1. You can use the polite language expressions (for example “Would you like…?” and “Could you please…?”) and match the appropriate expression with the right situation in which it needs to be used
  2. You know which topics are appropriate for Small Talk (casual conversation) and which are ‘taboo’ in Canada (for example the question “How old are you?” is not acceptable with anyone older than 24)
  3. You can communicate clearly, concisely and to the point which shows respect the other person’s time (that’s important in email and other business communication)
  4. You are aware of your own body language and have the ability to adapt it according to the situation


This website gives you the introduction to Canadian English and many useful tips on how to learn it faster. Look through the menus in the “Learn English” section to discover what knowledge will be the most helpful for your successful life in Canada.